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    Bonus 1 night accommodation on new tour bookings

    To mark the launch of the new-look motel, Out of the Ordinary Outback is offering one free night’s accommodation at The Argent Motel Broken Hill with any booking made on a Tri State Safaris extended outback tour during 2017.

    The free night in Broken Hill can be used before or after the tour and is valid for bookings made by April 30, 2017 (excluding school holiday periods). The offer is available for 11 Tri State Safaris tours starting in Broken Hill and lasting two or more days. These include the recently launched, three-day Outback Exposure Tour which features a cruise on the Menindee Lakes, a unique, overnight stay at the famous White Cliffs Underground Motel, one night in modern cabins by the billabong at Warrawong on the Darling, and an interpretive tour of the restricted access Historic Site at Mutawintji National Park, home to fascinating indigenous rock engravings and hand stencils.

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  • Sydney Weekender host Mike Whitney with Tri State Safaris guide Mick McCulkin at Mutawintji NP

    NEW BROCHURE OUT NOW - Tri State Safaris

    A new season means a new brochure, jammed packed with out of the ordinary adventures and packages! Suitable for travellers from young families to those young at heart! With tours ranging from 1 - 8 days in duration, you are sure to find something ideal for you.

    And now Tri State Safaris is a part of the Out of the Ordinary Outback group. With a range of unique accommodation venues offered across a variety of iconic outback destinations - now Tri State passengers can continue the adventure, after the tour lands.

    Read our brochure for more!

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    PLEASE HELP us to HELP FIJI recover from Cyclone Winston!!!

    Natural disasters seem to occur so frequently these days, that unless the media is giving the most recent one the usual 3 or 4 days of coverage, they seem to come and go so quickly. We all are shocked and dismayed to see what has occurred, then once the media loses focus we often move on and forget. I think we have all been guilty of this, and with so much tragedy thrust in front of us by the media, its difficult not to move on and wait to hear about the next one.

    This seems to be the case with the recent devastation caused by Cyclone Winston in the beautiful island nation of Fiji. I suppose this one has really hit close to our hearts as over the past ten years Michael and I have developed a great love of the Fijian people and the beautiful islands they call home. We have travelled to Fiji seven times in this period and have come to know many of the warm and welcoming  people. We now have many Fijian friends, and have developed a huge attachment in particular for the people of the Yasawa Island group, where we have spent time on our last three visits to Fiji.

    Our most recent visit was in February this year, with us leaving only a few days before the full force of the category 5 Cyclone Winston ravaged the country on the 21st February.  Barefoot Manta island, the resort we have stayed at on our last three visits sustained huge damage, but even more concerning is the fact that many of the villages on surrounding islands have been decimated. The people in these villages need our help now!!!

    We would like to do our bit to try to help these people to rebuild their shattered lives, and are able to do this through continuing to support the Vinaka Fiji organization as they continue to help the people of the Yasawa Islands. All donations received via Vinaka Fiji will be spent assisting communities in the Yasawas.  Their focus is currently the 6 villages on Naviti Island, as well as the Yasawa high school.

    Over the past eighteen months, through our business Tri State Safaris, we have been collecting new and used reading and sunglasses to send to the Vinaka Fiji organization, which was set up to give something back to the villagers in the Yasawa Islands. At this stage we have sent about 1000 pair of glasses to Fiji, which have been distributed among the villagers.

    Just prior to the cyclone we went to the Vinaka Fiji head office in Nadi and were thrilled to hear that these glasses have made a huge difference to the people of the Yasawa Islands, and that in many cases have been received with tears of joy. In one case a 75 year old lady had been wearing the same pair of glasses for over 40 years, and the lens on one side was hanging out – she cried when she received her new glasses. A large part of the income for the villagers is craft work, and poor vision has been a huge problem for them in the past. The glasses we have been sending with the help of people on our database have been a huge help.

    Moving on from this, the people of the Fiji now desperately need help to recover from the devastating effect of Cyclone Winston. Here at Tri State Safaris in Outback NSW we are going or organise some local fund raisers in the Broken Hill community to raise cash to donate to Vinaka Fiji, but we are also appealing to everyone who reads this to follow the links below to find out more about what has happened and to donate whatever you can to assist these communities to buy the most basic of supplies, and to rebuild their shattered lives.

    Thank goodness there are many organisations collecting donations to send to Fiji, and all are doing a great job.

    We plan to send our donations to help the villages of  the Yasawa Islands through Vinaka Fiji. Their Operations Manager, Eleona Nimacere, said an estimated 2,000 villagers on Naviti Island have very limited food as a result of their crops being destroyed. The Yasawa villages, even without the devastation caused by a cyclone are very pared back communities relying mostly fishing and root crops.

    Your donations to Vinaka Fiji will help these remote communities overcome the devastation and rebuild their homes, schools, villages and lives. In just the first week of the Vinaka Fiji relief fund generous donors had given over $16,000. More, much more is needed!!!!

    If you would like to make a donation – and help make a difference – please visit

    Or to read more about what has happened in the Yasawa Islands click below:

    Donations are also being collected for these villages by the Barefoot Collection. Barefoot Manta Island is the resort we have been holidaying on over the past few years. Many of their staff live in the villages that have been devastated. The link below is to the video and fundraising page set up by them. Please take the time to watch this video and learn more about the effects of Cyclone Winston.

    Please also follow our Facebook page where we will be sharing images and more links about what has happened and what you can do to help.

  • Award Win

    2016 NSW Tourism Awards Win

    Our representatives were happy to be announced as Silver recipients of two award categories at the 2016 NSW Tourism Awards! Silver awards were presented to Tri State Safaris owner Scott Smith for his work in Indigenous Tourism and also Eco-tourism. Our team would like to give all other award winners, finalists and competitors our congratulations. We hope to see you all competing in next year's awards.

  • Come travel with us!!

    Tour Gift Vouchers Now Available!

    Running out of ideas for that special gift? Tri State Safaris has got you sorted. Whether you want to make mum happy, get in good with your boss, please your fussy friends or surprise your special someone - with so many tours to choose from, there's bound to be something to suit everyone! Don't be bogged down by material goods, gift your friends and family with an experience they'll remember for a lifetime!

    Vouchers can be customised for either your choice in tour, or your chosen dollar amount. So you can spend as much or as little as you would like. Contact our office to organise your Tri State Safaris gift vouchers today! Phone (08) 8088 2389 or email for more.

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    Travel In Story - Mutawintji National Park

    Travel In journalist, Emma Ryan, jumped on board with Tri State Safaris to write a story for the Travel In website about Mutawintji National Park Tour and our 1 Day Mutawintji National Park Tour!

    Emma has compiled a beautiful piece that really showcases just how wonderful and unique Mutawintji National Park is. In the 1 Day Mutawintji NP Tour story, she writes in great detail what our passengers would experience and learn on this culturally and historically rich journey through the ancient area.

    Read Emma's full stories here:  

    For more information about our 1 Day Mutawintji National Park Tour, click here.

    For more information about our Mutawintji National Park Historic Site Tour option, click here.