Lake Eyre in Flood!

You haven’t seen the outback quite like this before
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In a rare and spectacular occurrence, Lake Eyre is now in flood. In partial capacity Lake Eyre captures hearts and inspires awe, but for those fortunate enough to see the lake near capacity, the sight is nothing short of breath-taking and is entirely unforgettable.

After recent heavy rainfall in the Channel Country, Australia’s aptly named ‘inland sea’ has reached 100% coverage and nearly 70% capacity, with waters reaching over 4 metres in depth. A flood of this magnitude is a rare event that will only occur once every ten years. The lake only reaches full capacity four times a century.

Flood waters still steadily flowing from Warburton, Neals and Hamilton creeks into the Lake Eyre system, have lead to predictions that the lake will remain at this capacity for several months. Meanwhile other water sources have also had significant rises, including belt bay which now has a depth of 1.8m. This is destined to make the area an attractive water source for native wild life and a variety of birdlife found within the channel country.

To make sure adventurers have the opportunity to make the most of this incredibly rare occurrence, Tri State Safaris has made additional tour dates available for our 5 Day Lake Eyre Discovery tour. We now offer a number of tour dates for months June through to October, giving you the perfect opportunity to witness one of Australia’s most beautiful, natural wonders at its finest before its waters subside.