Tri State Hosts ARB Conference

ARB Corporation, Australia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of 4x4 accessories has just staged its annual National Sales Conference in Broken Hill. The town was chosen following the major success of the company’s “Outback Experience” international media event in 2007, which was led by local tour operator Tri State Safaris. ARB’s marketing manager Matt Frost said, “Our 07 event was a huge success, largely thanks to the fantastic efforts of a number of Broken Hill businesses.

We were keen to work with these people again, and give our distributors a taste of the area. The company’s entire management team attended the conference, along with all the store operators. Participants came from as far as Western Australia and North Queensland. Historically these events have been held in Melbourne in conference centres and hotels, so this year’s event was a significant change in direction.

The conference commenced last Friday with a number of 4x4 competitions and events aimed at testing everyone’s driving and navigational skills held on Mt Gipps Station over the weekend. The conference concluded with the group visiting some of Broken Hill’s attractions. The conference was organised in partnership with Tri State Safaris. Owners Michael and Joanne McCulkin suggested to ARB that Broken Hill would be the ideal location for their conference. They organised the event on a local basis and handled all of the catering requirements. “The standard of service and cuisine was reported as being exceptional… far superior in fact to any of the big city hotels the company had used previously” said ARB’s Matt Frost. The event was filmed by the crew from 4WD TV, and the episode is due to air in the coming weeks.

Other local businesses involved included the Daydream Mine and Silver City 4WD, who generously lent the television crew a 4WD when they experienced difficulty with their own vehicle. The conference closed on Sunday night with a dinner at the Astra Hotel, where a series of activities saw over $4000 raised for the RFDS. Over half of this was through the auctioning of a magnificent hand made stock whip from Outback Whips and Leather. ARB’s National Sales Manager and conference organiser, Kim Elliott, concluded by saying, “our 2009 conference was by far the best yet, and we are hugely appreciative of the efforts of many people in Broken Hill”.