Visiting Mutawintji with Tri State Safaris

Tri State Safaris have been operating tours to Mutawintji National Park for over 20 years – join us for a tour to the restricted access Historic Site and discover the dreamtime and creation stories of this sacred area!

Along with our sister company, Mutawintji Eco Tours, we will continue to operate these tours, with access into the Mutawintji Historic Site, on a demand basis. We have a number of indigenous and non-indigenous guides who have been accredited by the traditional owners to conduct tours into the Historic Site.
Wherever possible, we endeavor to allocate one of our indigenous guides for any Mutawintji tours that we conduct. However, if this is not possible we can assure you that you will be guaranteed a quality tour with accurate information from all of our guides.

As winners of Australian Tourism Awards in Indigenous Tourism, Adventure Tourism and Tour & Transport Operator categories we strive to provide our clients with the best possible experience. We have Advanced Eco Certification, National Tourism Accreditation and are Climate Action Leaders, which is further evidence of our commitment to eco friendly and sustainable tourism.

Travel In journalist, Emma Ryan has recently joined Tri State Safaris on a 1 Day Mutawintji NP Tour for an opportunity to write a couple of stories on this unique part of outback NSW. She has done an outstanding job on showcasing just how beautiful and special Mutawintji NP is. Emma explains what our passengers can expect and experience on this unmissable tour. Check out Emma’s story on our 1 Day Mutawintji NP Tour and Mutawintji NP and Historic Site.

There are a number of options for members of the public to access the Mutawintji National Park Historic Site with Tri State Safaris & Mutawintji Eco Tours:
  • 1 Day Mutawintji NP Tour (passengers ex Broken Hill)

Join us as passengers from Broken Hill in our luxury 4WD vehicles on our 1 Day Mutawintji NP Tour (with focus on the Historic Site) – Cost is $230 per adult, $218 senior concession, children half price of adult fare – morning tea and lunch provided. This tour operates on demand for a minimum of 2 adult passengers (Monday to Friday) or 3 adult passengers (Saturday and Sunday), subject to availability. See our Mutawintji page for the full tour itinerary or more detailed information. There is a full list of already programmed departures on our Tour Dates calendar on the website, or if these dates do not suit you please contact our office to organise a new departure.

  • 1 Day Mutawintji NP Tour (tag-along in your 4WD vehicle ex Broken Hill)

Join us as a tag-along participant from Broken Hill in your own 4WD vehicle, for the full day tour (as above). Cost is $130 per adult, children half price – morning tea and lunch provided. You will also have access to commentary from our guide on the trip out and back, with UHF radio in your vehicle, if you don’t have one we may be able to supply one for the day. This option is available whenever we have a confirmed departure on our 1 Day Mutawintji NP Tour (with passengers). See our Mutawintji page for the full tour itinerary or more detailed information

  • Mutawintji NP Historic Site Tour (Tag-along in your own vehicle ex Mutawintji NP Campground)

Join us as a tag-along participant from the Mutawintji NP Visitor Information Bay in your own vehicle. This option is only available whenever we have a confirmed departure on our 1 Day Mutawintji NP Tour (as above). Check with our office to see if a departure is programmed on a date that suits your needs. There is a payphone available at the Mutawintji NP Visitor Information Bay.

Meet us at the Visitor Information Bay at approx. 10.30am CST (11am EST), then follow our guide vehicle to the Historic Site for the tour, which lasts approx. 2.5 – 3 hours.

Cost is $45 per adult, children $10 each (5-13 years), under 5 years FOC – no meals provided. We have no eftpos facilities at the park, so correct payment is essential. Alternately phone our office to pay by credit card in advance (1.5% c/card fee applies) or direct deposit.

We advise that you have a snack before meeting our guide, as this tour runs over the lunch break, and we do not stop for lunch in the Historic Site.

Bookings with our office are recommended so that we can keep track of numbers expected on each tour, however if you arrive at the Visitor Information Bay and have not previously contacted us you can check with our guide on arrival to see if there is room for you to join the tour, as numbers are limited.

Once again, this option is only available whenever we have a confirmed departure on our 1 Day Mutawintji NP Tour. Check with our office to see if we have a tour programmed while you will be at Mutawintji. We also endeavor to keep the Mutawintji NP staff updated when we have tours due into the park, so that they are able to notify campers in advance.

  •  Mutawintji NP Historic Site Tour (charter groups ex Mutawintji NP Campground)

Although Mutawintji tag-along participants are usually only able to book onboard an already confirmed tour (due to the costs associated with sending a guide to the historic site), tag-alongs can confirm a tour departure for a specific date by paying our minimum operating cost in advance. This guarentees that we will be able to confirm a guide to meet your group.

This option is particularly good if you have a group of 12 or more people as this equates to the standard tag-along fee per adult, and enables us to send a guide out to meet you regardless of us having passengers on board, or other tag-alongs joining the group. If you confirm a booking this way, we may still end up having passengers and other tag-alongs join the group, however it ensures that we will be there on the day you request even if we have no other bookings.

General information

The tours into the Historic Site will take you into the Cultural Centre where you will enjoy the audio-visual presentation about the dreamtime creation of Mutawintji, followed by two walks within the Historic Site. One walk is to the hand stencil site with magnificent overhanging caverns, and the other walk is to the rock engravings site where you will see one of the most extensive displays of panaramitee style rock art in SE Australia.

Both walks are of moderate difficulty, however the pace is casual and we have had many people in their 80’s & 90’s as well as young children do these walks. You should be aware that a considerable amount of the walk is on uneven ground, over sandstone surfaces, so it is particularly important to ensure that you wear suitable walking shoes – rubber soled shoes are best, as leather shoes can be slippery. There are a couple of large steps, but our guides will assist you with these if necessary.

Please ensure that you take your own personal bottle of water on the tour, and ensure that it has been filled up before leaving the Campground. If you are meeting us at the Mutawintji Information Bay we advise that you have a snack before meeting our guide, as this tour runs over the lunch break, and we do not stop for lunch in the Historic Site – our passenger group will have lunch at the Campground after the tour. If you have young children on the tour we suggest taking a snack such as an apple or muesli bar that can be easily eaten during the tour – please ensure that all rubbish is removed from the Historic Site as there are no garbage bins provided in the site. Participants on our full day tour have morning tea and lunch included in the tour.

Other things you may like to bring with you on the tour are hat, sunscreen, insect repellant, camera or binoculars. Once you have followed our guide into the Historic Site, the gate will be locked until our group leaves at the end of the tour, so there is no opportunity to go back for something you may have left at the campground. Please be advised, we have a maximum number allowable with each guide, so if you are not booked on and we have reached this number, we may not be able to allow you to join the tour.

In the event of wet weather or road closures please contact our office prior to tour.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy your visit to Mutawintji National Park!