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  • Travel In - "Tri State Safaris"

    Want to know what a tour with Tri State is all about? After Emma from Travel In joined us for an adventure into the great Australian outback, she and the crew from Travel In put together this video looking at what a Tri State Safaris tour is really like.


  • YOUR4X4 -  Episode 134 -  "Broken Hill Part 1"

    Published on 9 Mar 2016 by YOUR4X4

    This week we are exploring one of Australia’s most known gateways to the Outback - Broken Hill. 

    A popular kick off point or fuel stop for outback touring from the Eastern states, broken Hill is awash with history, appeal, sights and scenes that are well worth the time to explore. 

    For our first episode we join up with local identities and one of Australia’s most awarded tour guide companies, Tri State Safaris. But far from your typical outback tour, we are in for a real treat, as Mick and Joe from Tri State take us to a little known and highly protected location that is host to the world’s largest collection of ancient petroglyphs. Carved by the local aboriginals and dated to at least 11,000 years old, it’s an incredible experience to walk amongst such a site. 

    This episode also has plenty of off road touring, takes in the Living Desert Sculptures and we finish with a local astronomer for some outback star gazing.


  • Sydney Weekender - Episode 41 "Broken Hill" starring Tri State Safaris

    Mike Whitney and the Sydney Weekender crew visit Broken Hill in the great Australian Outback with the help of the team from Tri State Safaris.

  • "NSW Tourism Awards 2015"

    Tri State Safaris representatives Michael and Joanne McCulkin speak about the company's most recent wins at the NSW Tourism Awards held in Sydney on the 26th November 2015.

  • Merry Christmas from Tri State Safaris

    Here in the Outback, we work hard and we play hard! After a year of hard work and many great adventures, the Tri State Safaris' team are looking forward to catching with our friends and loved ones for the holiday break (and maybe a little bit of singing and dancing too!) Nothing beats a great Australian Outback Christmas!

    From all of our drivers and staff, we wish you all happy holidays and many great adventures in the year ahead!

  • "Tri State Safaris Tourist TV"  2015

    Remember when a holiday was a real adventure? Come along on any of Tri State Safaris' diverse range of tours and discover why this business is the most awarded 4wd tour operator in the history of the Australian Tourism Awards. 
    This short video gives you an outline of what Tri State Safaris is all about, and a snapshot of some of our tours. We hope this will help you when planning your next outback holiday and look forward to having you on board with us!

  • "2 Day Outback Station Stay" with Sydney Weekender 2014

    Mike Whitney from Sydney Weekender joins us on our 2 Day Outback Station Stay! Experience the outback aussie way of life at Eldee Station and soak up the rich history of Silverton with Tri State Safaris!

  • "2 Day Skills, Hills & Thrills Adventure"  2013

    Another great Sydney Weekender episode! This time Mike Whitney hops on board with Tri State Safaris and The Australian 4WD Academy to brush up on his 4 wheel driving skills while enjoying some great outback hospitality at Eldee Station. This amazing new tour package is ideal for any 4WD enthusiast. Experience luxury farmstay accommodation, amazing scenery, and at the end of the tour/training course you'll be presented with a Nationally Accredited 4WD certificate.

  • "1 Day Tours from Broken Hill to Menindee" 2012

    Join Mike Whitney as he travels in the "Warrior" to experience all the highlights of the Silver City on our '1 Day Broken Hill & Silverton Explorer Tour'. Then he is blown away by the amazing scenery and history he discovers on our '1 Day Menindee Lakes/Kinchega National Park Tour'.

  • "3 Day Mungo Deluxe Eco Tour"  2012

    Experience the outback after rain as Mike Whitney joins us to travel to Mungo National Park. This tour takes in a variety of scenery from the Perry Sandhills near Wentworth to the spectacular Walls of China lunette system at the World Heritage listed Willandra Lake System at Mungo National Park. Enjoy a variety of accommodation from the old world charm of Avoca on Darling homestead to the luxury Mungo Lodge. Finish the experience with an al fresco lunch on the banks of the Murray River at Trentham Estate Winery.

  • "4 Day Corner Country Adventure 2011"

    To celebrate his 700th episode of Sydney Weekender Mike Whitney returns to the Corner Country with Tri State Safaris. This time he gets to see the country after recent rains, and the contrast between this and his previous visits is quite remarkable. Catch up with what's happening in Tibooburra and Cameron Corner as we travel through some of Mike's favourite parts of Outback NSW.

  • "1 Day Broken Hill & Silverton Explorer Tour" 2011

    Mike joins us again in 2011 to experience our 1 day tour that takes in all the highlights of Broken Hill and Silverton. In the comfort of one of our 4WD vehicles on a small group tour you can experience everything our outback oasis has to offer in just one day. We even finish the day off with a visit to the spectacular Sculpture Symposium on the outskirts of Broken Hill.

  • "Simpson Desert Crossing"  2008

    For thousands of years the Simpson Desert has been known as a remote and challenging place. Recognised as one of the world’s greatest 4WD journeys, the first motorized crossing was only completed about 50 years ago.  The area can be harsh, yet it abounds with wildlife, within 11 different landforms. At times dry, the desert can also be a carpet of colour, with wildflower displays to equal any place.
    To add to the challenge, we traverse the desert from east to west (the most difficult way due to the shape of the dunes).  We consider the journey to be an emotional and awe inspiring experience, and are confident you will too.
    Back in 2008 we had the opportunity to film our desert crossing - we hope you enjoy this snapshot of what to expect beyond 'Big Red'!

  • "1 Day Mutawintji National Park Tour" 2008

    Mike Whitney is again soaking up the beauty and history of one of our favourite destinations. Mutawintji National Park is home to some of the most culturally significant art sites in NSW, and we take Mike into the restricted access Historic Site to learn more about the rock engravings and hand stencils. Getting up close and personal with some of the local wildlife is another special part of this tour as the area is abundant with kangaroos, euros, emus and so much more.

  • "4 Day Corner Country Adventure" 2008

    It's 2008 and Mike Whitney still keeps coming back to see more of outback NSW. He joins Mick & Jo to visit the Corner Country yet again, and explore more of Sturt National Park. Marvel at the vast expanse of the 'jump-up'country, and meet some of the local wildlife. Check out the Dingo Fence at Cameron Corner, and join Mike for a drink at the Corner Store.

  • "1 Day Mutawintji NP Tour and Emaroo Cottages"  2008"

    Mike Whitney is again soaking up the beauty and history of one of our favourite destinations. Mutawintji National Park is home to some of the most culturally significant art sites in NSW, and we take Mike into the restricted access Historic Site to learn more about the rock engravings and hand stencils. Getting up close and personal with some of the local wildlife is another special part of this tour as the area is abundant with kangaroos, euros, emus and so much more. Mike also stay overnight in Broken Hill at the awesome Emaroo Cottages and takes this opportunity to give you a sneak peak into what they have to offer.

  • "White Cliffs tours" 2003

    Mick and Jo take Mike Whitney to White Cliffs in 2003. White Cliffs is still a huge part of many of our outback tours. Today you can hop on board our 2 Day Opal Dreaming Tour or our 4 Day Corner Country Tour to experience all that this quirky opal mining town has to offer. Experience what it's like to live underground with an overnight stay in the famous Underground Motel. Make sure you keep viewing after the 'How to Get There' info mid show, as Mike continues on to meet one of the most iconic outback characters, Jock, in his underground home and museum. Unfortunately Jock passed away in 2013, but his memory will last for many years to come.

  • "4 Day Corner Country Adventure" 2003

    This story was one of our first with Mike Whitney and the Sydney Weekender crew - but they just keep coming back as our amazing outback has well and truly got Mike hooked! Our Corner Country Adventures are still one of our signature tours, and not a lot has changed over the years. Having said that every year the country changes as weather conditions vary, and on his 2003 visit the Corner Country was a carpet of wildflowers after good rains. This tour takes in the highlights of White Cliffs, Tibooburra and Cameron Corner, and all the amazing places in between.

  • "Broken Hill and Silverton with the Today Show"  2001

    Back in 2001 we took the Today Show to explore some of the many highlights of Broken Hill and Silverton. Not a lot has changed since then, and this story will still show you many of the highlights that you will see on our "1 Day Broken Hill and Silverton Explorer Tour".

  • "2 Day Opal Dreaming Tour & Corner Country Tour" 2001

    This story with The Great Outdoors was filmed in 2001, and there have been a few changes since then. Starting with our 2 Day Opal Dreaming tour which takes in both Mutawintji NP and the opal mining town of White Cliffs - the scenery remains the same, even if some of the venues have changed a bit. We then head to Cameron Corner and Tibooburra in the Corner Country with Tom Williams. Check out how quickly the country changes with rain, and meet some of the locals along the way. All of these places can now be experienced on our '4 Day Corner Country tour' and our '1 Day Mutawintji NP tour'.

  • "Mutawintji NP & White Cliffs" 2001

    Check out the outback from a kids perspective as Joanne takes Ben & Jen from 'The Big Arvo' on tour to Mutawintji National Park. Meet Badger Bates and learn about the amazing rock engravings and hand stencils in the Mutawintji Historic Site and hear stories of the dreamtime. We then travel onto White Cliffs to discover what life is really like when you live underground in an opal mining town.

  • "Tri State Testimonials"

    Still not convinced that a Tri State Adventure is right for you? Listen to what these past Tri State Adventurers have to say about their experience!



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